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Mound Builders, Connect 4 Spelling, & Perimeter Word Problems

What a weird Thursday! We walked into school with SNOW coming down, but by afternoon, there wasn't a single trace of snow to be found and the sun was shining again. Spring and Winter need to stop arguing and make up their mind!

Regardless of the weather, we had lots to accomplish today. After Morning Meeting, we did a Question Card Review about how important farming was to the Native Americans. We drew sticks to see who could give us a fantastic, future 4th Grader answer to our questions.

Then, we listened to today's read aloud about Mound Builders. We learned that 3 different tribes were known for building mounds: the Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippians. They typically built their mounds by rivers or bodies of water, but not always. They used these mounds thousands of years ago for burials, religious ceremonies, protection, and shelter. While we were listening to the read aloud, we answered Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How questions using a beach ball to toss around the room. After all that knowledge entered our brain, we wrote a fantastic paragraph where we pretended we were tour guides. Our job was to inform our audience about the Native American mounds. Tomorrow, we get to be the tourists at the Mid-American All-Indian Center!

After that, we played a fun game called Connect 4 spelling. Four teams faced off to spell words correctly on their whiteboards and try to be the first team to get 4 in a row. The pink team was VICTORIOUS not only once, but TWICE! We hope you are ready for your spelling test over ph, f, and ff words because we are taking it TOMORROW!

In social studies, we talked about the Northwest Coast region. They had a very rainy climate and could use water to their advantage as a natural resource. Tell us one of those ways in the comments for a bonus ticket!

In math, we solved perimeter word problems and ROCKED IT! Every single group remembered our rules about rectangles have equal opposite sides, or a regular polygon having all side lengths the same. These rules helped us solve the problems with ease. I called you all perimeter pros by the time we were through.

We ended the day with a visit from Baker the guinea pig. Thanks for bringing your show and tell, Savannah! Sorry I didn't snag a picture. Don't forget to bring your sack lunches for the field trip tomorrow! It's going to be a great day!

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