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More Light, Winter Mittens & Wrapping Up Area

Happy FRI-YAY 3rd grade!

We began our morning with a What Am I? Riddle game about light. Next, you worked as research scientists and made predictions about what would happen when light hits different types of objects. Next, you used flashlights to conduct an experiment and recorded your observations. You determined that clear plastic wrap and wax paper were transparent, but cardboard and aluminum foil are opaque.

Next, we read chapter 2 in our little readers. You learned that light cannot travel through all materials. If a path of light hits something that is opaque what happens? Comment below for a bonus ticket!

During Reading Prime Time, we practiced the correct way to do the Daily 5 choice, Work on Writing and we finished up our morning by reading some more of The Christmas Pig.

After lunch and recess, you completed a winter mitten directed drawing. You used different patterns of lines to create your art. These mittens will be hanging up in our hallway for the whole school to enjoy!

For math today we finished up our area module by taking a test over irregular rectangles. Next week, we will begin a new module all about fractions.

Have a great weekend, we will see you next week!`

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