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More Fractions, Alexander Graham Bell, and Compound Sentences

Happy Wednesday! We can tell you were a little more tired today because going to school for the full day can be exhausting! But wow we are so proud of you! After Mrs. Day had to be a *little* cranky at the end of the first rotation, we got our act together and finished the day out AMAZINGLY. We got all our learning rotations done, cleaned up the classroom more quickly than the day before, and got outside for a little bit of recess. The nice thing about Wednesdays is that we do NOT have Prime Time groups, so in the morning, instead of our first Reading Prime Time, we had an extra recess!

We are finishing up Unit 5 about Light and Sound this week. We heard the final read aloud story with Jack and Samuel in the morning. Miss Gurley taught us about Alexander Graham Bell. Tomorrow we will learn about another famous inventor, Thomas Edison! Mrs. Day worked on compound sentences with her groups. A compound sentence is when 2 sentences are combined with a comma and a conjunction to make 1 new sentence. Can you make these 2 sentences a compound sentence in the comments for an extra dollar?

In the summer I swim at the pool. In the summer I play with my friends.

Mrs. Meridith has been leading us through fractions on a number line. So far, you guys are really getting the hang of it! Using number bonds to label the number line is a very helpful strategy. Others of you were working hard on your math menus, Reflex, read to self, and spelling practice during the rest of the rotations.

In science, Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus helped us learn more about sound waves. Do you remember what Carlos discovered about sound waves and his invention to make it work? We also celebrated Kade's birthday with some delicious cookies. Hope you had a great birthday Kade! See you all tomorrow!

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