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More Daily Roman Life, Multiples of 10 & Music Rehearsal

Hello 3rd graders, happy Tuesday! We started our morning off with a meeting, where we greeted each other like monsters, played “Blaze Says” and shared what we would do if a friend broke a rule and asked us not to tell. Next, we began our lessons for the day.

In today’s read-aloud, you learned more about Daily Roman life, but this time we read about patricians daily life. What were some of the differences between patricians and plebeians that you learned?

During reading rotations you read, The Sword of Damocles, with Mrs. Meridith, started opinion writing with Mrs. Day, and practiced your spelling pattern with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie.

In science, we continued our lesson about climates of the world with Mystery Doug. You and your partners finished coloring your maps. Tomorrow, we will put them together and look for climate patterns!

Today’s math lesson focused on using the associative property to multiply by multiples of 10. This was the last lesson in this math module, so we will be taking a test tomorrow!

At the end of the day we met with the rest of the grade levels for a Christmas Program rehearsal in the music room. Don’t forget the program is next Tuesday at 6 pm!

Have a nice night, see you in the morning!

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