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More Area, Christmas Activities, Fastbridge, & Cupid

Welcome back from the weekend! Our classroom has filled up with gingerbread houses and we can't WAIT to begin building our gingerbread village! Everyone signed up for a gingerbread business today, and you will start constructing it on WEDNESDAY. We will put the gingerbread village together in class this week, as well as build roads, sidewalks, parks, and other important features. Today's project slide had you focusing on the job of a civil engineer and how they plan to build towns. They have to think about electricity, sewer, traffic, and so many other things! We will have to think about those things as well.

Our Christmas activity today was to make a delicious snowman donut treat! You can see some of the pictures below. We also finished up our Christmas tree clay ornaments to hang out in the all purpose room. They look really good!

In math, we did our lesson all together, and it was all about AREA (again)! We are starting to get the hang of it - if we multiply the 2 side lengths together, we can find the area, or space inside the shape. We also know that square centimeters and square inches do NOT cover the same area because they are different sizes.

Then, we took our aReading Fastbridge test. Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Davis have been pulling some 3rd Graders to do their reading fluency test as well. So far, we are VERY pleased with how your scores are looking - everyone has improved! Keep up the good work!

We ended the day with the story of Cupid & Psyche. Cupid's mom, Venus, was jealous of how beautiful Psyche was and wanted to punish her! So she sent Cupid to shoot her with a bow and arrow so she would fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. But the plan backfired! Do you remember how the story ended? Comment below for an extra dollar!

Please, please, PLEASE make sure you are doing EVERY bit of your online work at home. Some of you are skipping the project slides because you think you are done building your gingerbread houses, but there are many important videos and activities on there to help you with our community project. See you tomorrow!

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