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Hey there 3rd graders! Welcome back to a FULL week of school. We have lots of learning to do this week and we plan on keeping you and your brains busy until spring break, which is only 12 school days away! Speaking of spring break, today in our morning meeting we announced that there is something special coming to 3rd grade when you get back from break. We will give you some more details on the special surprise every day, but for now you can just ponder what it could possibly be ;)

During our rotations you continued working on your planet mobile with Miss Gurley. In Mrs. Day's group you did an abbreviation investigation. An abbreviation is shortened version of a word. Acronyms, courtesy titles, dates, times, places and measurement units are words that get abbreviated. For math with Mrs. Meridith you used rulers with 1-inch, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch intervals and your knowledge of fractions to answer math problems. For an extra dollar, comment below how many half inches are in 4 inches.

In social studies we continued studying maps. You looked at the map of Sun Valley again and solved different task cards with your cohort. Once you finished that activity, you moved on to reading a map of Animals at the Zoo and using what you have learned about maps to answer questions about locations and directions on the map.

We ended our day with an extra recess! It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully we can do the same tomorrow. Have a great night 3rd graders. See you in the morning!

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