• Cecily Day

Misty Wednesday

What a dreary Wednesday! We hope the weather doesn't stay so misty and chilly all weekend because you guys have a long, 4-day weekend to enjoy. We really enjoyed visiting with all of your parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences. You guys have worked hard the 1st 9 weeks of school, and we know you will continue to work hard the rest of the year!

Today, we started off with Word Work Wednesday. We made a list of nouns and put them in ABC order, and did a great job with this! Then, we started off with reading all about MAMMALS! Rattenborough taught us some fascinating facts about these furry friends. Do you remember what characteristics a mammal has to have? Tell us in the comments and we will pay you an extra dollar!

In math, we worked on rounding to the nearest 100 instead of the nearest 10. It reminded us of what we learned the day before, but instead of focusing on the tens place, we focused on the hundreds place. We followed the same rules - if the number was on or above the halfway point, we rounded up and if it was below the halfway point, we rounded down. We did a great job with this lesson. And we had plenty of time to take our times test. We can't wait to see who passed and gets to add their name to the Multiplication Challenge wall!

We hope you have a fantastic 4 days off school.

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