• Cecily Day

Math Stations, Bird-Watching, & Animal Presentations

Welcome back from a 3-day weekend! 3rd Grade had tons of fun on this chilly Monday. In our reading lesson, Rattenborough taught us all about birds. What are some characteristics that all birds have? If you can type one in the comments, we will pay you an extra dollar!

We also did some bird-watching outside...or should we say BRRRRd-watching! 😄 It was pretty chilly, but you guys were tough and managed to catch some glimpses of a few birds. They must be getting ready to fly south for the winter.

In math, we got to do some measurement stations. We started off by talking about rounding numbers to the nearest 10 using our vertical number line. This helped us on our Problem Set and Exit Ticket later. Mrs. Meridith led the liters and milliliters station, Miss Gurley was in charge of grams and kilograms, and Mrs. Day did the centimeters station. It was a lot of fun to review everything we have learned about measuring so far!

We also had plenty of time to start our Google Slide presentation about our animals. We are almost done with our research and can start adding it to the presentation. We will share our diorama projects and Google Slides next week! We can't wait to see all your hard work.

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