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Maryland & Georgia, Module 2 Review, and Goods/Services

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We were down a teacher in 3rd Grade without Mrs. Meridith, but we can't wait to see her again tomorrow! At morning meeting, we did our spelling greeting, talked about what we would change to our houses, and our coin of the day: a nickel! We listened to today's read aloud about the founding of Maryland and Georgia. We are starting to realize that all these places are named after Kings and Queens!

Thank goodness for Miss Gurley, because she helped us stick to our reading rotations by filling in for Mrs. Meridith's group. You read Chapter 9 with her, worked more on your narratives with Mrs. Day, and went on an -ed word hunt in your little readers for spelling practice. Next, we went to CAFE time. The Thunder read through their reader's theater with Miss Gurley, the Green Goblins went on a Mo Willems book hunt with Mrs. Day, Mrs. Meridith's Bologna Blondes added to their picture dictionaries, and the Pink Lightning did some RAZ Kids time.

After indoor recess and lunch, we learned more about economics by talking about goods and services. A good is something that is made or grown. A service is something someone does for someone else. For a bonus ticket, list an example of a business that provides a good.

In math, we all worked on our menus or went to Prime Time. Then, we did a giant Module 2 math review about measurement. We did lots with rounding, finding differences, and elapsed time on a number line. We ended the day with Reflex and packed up. We spent a little time talking about our field trip to Exploration Place next Friday. Make sure you show your parents the notes we sent home today!

Have a great evening. See you tomorrow!

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