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Marvelous Monday (minus Mrs. Meridith and Miss Malorie)

Do you like all the "M's" I used in that title? Talk about a tongue twister! :) Whenever a title or sentence has words that all start with the same letter, that is called an alliteration! There's your fun fact for the day. Now, back to our Monday!

We had a tremendous day in 3rd Grade! We started with Morning Meeting, where we greeted each other with What's the News?, brainstormed ways to make the world better, saw Maz's show and tell drone, and listened to a story about gratitude. Then, we went back to our seats to learn all about our new reading unit: The Ancient Roman Civilization!

We participated in a Virtual Museum, where we saw 6 pictures of Roman artifacts or history and had to write down our observations. Then, we heard a Read Aloud that explained more information about the pictures. We discovered many important facts during our introduction to Rome:

  • We know that Rome was an ancient civilization. Do you remember some things that are necessary for a civilization to exist? Comment 3 below in the comments for a bonus ticket!

  • The Roman civilization was very large at one time, and expanded across 3 continents: parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia!

  • Rome is known for being violent and conquering lots of land.

  • They are also known for their improvements in architecture and art. They created paved roads, arches in buildings, and used marble for carving.

We listened to our Little Reader chapter on our chromebooks today, then answered a few comprehension questions. Before we knew it, it was time for Prime Time or Daily 5, then recess and lunch!

In science, we talked about weather vs. climate and made weather journals. We will document the weather over the next several days to see if we notice any patterns.

Since two teachers were gone out of our room today, we decided to our math rotations all together. We all started with menu and made our finger trick to help us with the 9s, then we had a math lesson altogether about 6 different 9s strategies! They are:

  • Finger Trick

  • Break apart and distribute

  • 9 = 10-1

  • Skip counting/song

  • List Trick

  • Add the Digits

We ended the day with Dreambox and then a nice, long afternoon recess. You did a great job with all our lessons and transitions today. Mrs. Day and Miss Gurley really appreciated you following expectations and be super students! Have a great evening.

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