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Marvelous Monday!

Happy Monday 3rd Graders! After a fun week of learning expectations and 3rd Grade routines, we jumped right into our 3rd Grade learning today. We started with our Morning Meeting. We greeted each other with "What's the News?" from the weekend. We shared where we would want to be planted if we were a tree, and some of you had some really thoughtful answers! Then, we played Mystery Number and read the blog. Don't forget that the blog might have a hidden question for a bonus ticket in it!

We started our reading lesson by reading the first chapter of "The Wind in the Willows." This story was written over 100 years ago, so it is considered a classic tale. The author of the story was from England, so he uses some British English in his writing. It's important for us to know these details so we understand why the story was written that way. Do you remember the main characters from the read aloud today? Comment below for your bonus ticket!

Next, we went to 3 different reading rotations. Some of you read the short story about Sir Gus and answered questions, some of you played reading baseball with Mrs. Day to review our short vowel sounds, and some of you compared and contrasted our main characters with Mrs. Meridith. Then, we switched around so everyone could go to every rotation. We ended our morning by taking our first Fastbridge test, and we were VERY impressed with your scores on day one! We can tell you took your time and read very carefully.

In the afternoon, after specials, we started our 3 math rotations. You had a lesson with Mrs. Meridith about equal groups, fact fluency practice with Mrs. Day, and Dreambox time on your own. We even had enough time to go out to recess at the end of the day! It was a super day and we can't wait for tomorrow!

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