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Manic Monday!

Wow, what a wild Monday it was! But you guys handled it like champs! Everyone came in a little sleepy because of the weekend, or maybe you stayed up too late watching the Chiefs WIN! The Super Bowl will be so exciting! Then, we heard that Miss Knepper was sick, Miss Gurley would be gone in the morning, and things were a little wonky, so we had to make some adjustments. And you guys were AWESOME.

Because Miss Gurley was gone, you previewed the new Little Reader with Mrs. Day instead. We learned about each Norse mythology character and wrote a prediction about which character might be our favorite. You will start reading Chapter 1, "Sif's Golden Hair," tomorrow with Miss Gurley.

In Miss Gurley's group, you did writing instead. You put in a page about combining sentences with the word AND if the sentences repeated themselves. How could you combine these sentences? Mrs. Day has a baby. Mrs. Meridith has a baby.

Mrs. Meridith's group did more work with fractions on a number line, but today you had to find fractions that were EQUIVALENT, or equal. That means they would fall on the SAME PLACE on the number line, or be the same size in a fraction model. You got to tape out a number line on the floor today to see it in a bigger size. If it was tough for you today, don't worry! You will be practicing this skill of equivalent fractions all week. Hope you guys like the number line :)

We started new math menus today, got to checkout books during Library time, AND started our Viking Quest during science time. We had to row our longship through some terrible storms with our cohorts. When we finally arrived in Vinland, we met Leif Erikson. He explained more about the Vikings and how the survive in new lands - they have to hunt for resources and rely on their environment to keep them alive. That meant we had to find bilberries, fish, and timber to harvest. We used some of the timber to build a new longship to take us to Greenland tomorrow. We ate the bilberries and fish and don't have much left over. Hopefully we can find some more resources tomorrow in Greenland with Leif's father.

We also said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grace and Dalton today. We hope you enjoyed your Monday in 3rd Grade and have a great evening.

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