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Mahomes Monday

Happy Monday 3rd graders! We started our morning off with a little game of charades. Several students acted out school activities, such as - reading, doing attendance, or painting a picture, while the rest of the class tried to guess the correct activity. You guys were quick to guess correctly! After we finished our morning meeting, we filled out our fiction chart with information from Chapter 4, "A Plan is Made." Then, we were lucky and got to have a quick, but chilly morning recess!

Once we were back inside, we began our morning rotations. Today with Mrs. Day you took a spelling test and began working on your character paragraphs. In Miss Gurley's group, you read Chapter 5, "The Wedding Feast," and you continued working with equivalent fractions with Mrs. Meridith. We will finish up Unit 6 in reading and Module 5 in math this week!

On today's Viking Quest, we traveled to England. Leif's brother Thorstein was having some trouble raiding an English village and you decided to help him. Who remembers what berserker means?

Today for specials you had library and PE. In library, you and your cohort finished building your Viking Ships and checked out new books.

We continued on with our rotations in the afternoon. Unfortunately, you weren't able to get clean and packed up in time for an afternoon recess. Maybe tomorrow!

Have a great night!

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