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Mae Jemison, Capitalizing Titles, & Module 6 Test

Hello 3rd graders! Welcome to our terrific Tuesday. During morning meeting, Alanah’s dog, Cocoa, came to see the class.

During today’s read-aloud you listened and learned about another famous astronaut, Mae Jemison. In 1992, she was the first African-American woman to become an astronaut and travel into space. She conducted many experiments about how weightlessness affects plants and animals.

You read more about Mae Jemison with Mrs. Meridith during reading rotations. You also learned how to correctly capitalize titles with Mrs. Day and practiced for your spelling test with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie. For a bonus ticket, correctly capitalize this title:

astronomy: our solar system and beyond

Next, it was time for Reading Prime Time and Daily 5. Then, our assembly team put together all of our St. Patty Pal goody bags so that they can be delivered tomorrow!

After lunch our assembly team finished putting together the St. Patty Pal goody bags. The rest of you began coloring the cover of your Citizenship book for Social Studies.

During math you took your Module 6 test over graphing and data. When you finished your tests you spent technology time on Reflex. To end our day, we took some time to deep clean our classroom so it is in tip top shape for Parent Teacher conferences.

Emmy’s cat, Leo also came to see the class!

We can’t wait to talk to some of your parents tonight and let them know how awesome you are doing in 3rd grade!

Don’t forget tomorrow is our Classroom Campout. Feel free to bring pillows and blankets to make a desk tent. See you tomorrow!

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