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Lots of Tests Tomorrow!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, and we made sure we spent some of our science time enjoying the sunshine. We continued learning about weather with Mystery Doug by practicing storm spotting. We learned about 4 different types of clouds: cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus, and stratonimbus. We used our knowledge of clouds and observed which way the wind is blowing to decide if a storm is coming or not. When we went outside, we noticed there were absolutely NO CLOUDS today! What does that mean for the weather? Is there a storm coming?

In math, we worked on 2-step word problems. This can be kinda tough, but we know if there's 3 numbers in a problem, we definitely we have 2 steps to complete! Can you solve this 2-step word problem for an extra 5 dollars??

Darren spends 39 minutes studying for his science test. He then does 6 chores. Each chore takes him 3 minutes. How many minutes does Darren spend studying and doing chores?

We ended our day learning about closing sentences of a paragraph. We know that your closing sentence should restate the main idea using different words. We also played Kahoot to prepare for our reading test tomorrow! You can play the Kahoot again at home - just use the link on the Google Slide! We have officially come to an end with the human body. Our health fair projects are due tomorrow and we have no more chapters to read in our Little Reader, so it's time to see what you have learned.

We also have a times test and spelling test tomorrow! So make sure you practice, practice, practice!

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