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Last Hybrid Friday!

Happy Friday fabulous 3rd graders! We began our day by doing deposits with our treasurers and trading out your old, dried up play-doh for some brand new play-doh! Next you continued working on your bridge designs. Each group successfully made a bridge that held more pennies than their previous designs and our new class record for strongest bridge was designed by Ava, Miller, and Eli. This time their bridge held 500 pennies, way to go you engineers!

In math, we compared unit fractions with different-sized models representing the whole. Remember when we are comparing fractions, we have to consider the size of the whole. Is 1/2 of a liter of soda the same as 1/2 of a can of soda? How many and how much are important to the question. After our math lesson, you took your times tests. We had a few more students complete the Multiplication Challenge. WOO HOO!

In reading we listened to the read aloud as a whole class. Next, you worked in groups and read Chapter 7 together. Both the chapter and read-aloud discussed characteristics of sound. Yesterday you learned that sound is caused by vibrations, it travels through mediums and it travels slower than light. Today, you learned about pitch, intensity, and frequency. For an extra dollar, comment below with an example of a high-pitch or low-pitched sound.

We are so excited to have our whole class back next week! Our schedule will look different, but it is going to be so fun! Have a great weekend, we will see you all on Tuesday!!!

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