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Kansas is Bright & Blooming

Welcome to another fabulous week in 3rd grade! We loved seeing you dressed up in your florals in honor of Kansas' birthday on January 29th. Don't forget tomorrow's theme is Team Day!

We spent the majority of our morning working on your informational paragraphs. You had to choose an invention, either the telephone or incandescent light bulb, and research the who, what, where, when, how and why of the invention you chose. Once you finished your research, you used the information you found to write a newspaper article.

We finished our morning with Reading Prime Time and a new week of CAFE activities. Then it was time for (outside) recess and lunch.

After lunch, we finished up testing your paper bridges. Great job using what you have learned about pushes and pulls to be successful engineers!

In today’s math lesson you placed fractions on a number line with endpoints 0 and 1. For a bonus ticket, answer this word problem correctly:

Mrs. Meridith shares $1 equally among 4 students. What fraction of a dollar will each student get? How much money will each student get?

Have a great evening, see you tomorrow!

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