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Jubilee Update, State Assessment Practice and Viking Quests

Happy Tuesday 3rd graders! During morning meeting we finally got an update on our adopted dairy calf, Jubilee. She sure has grown! At just 3 months old, she is as tall as a 2nd grader!

During reading rotations, you read “The Wedding Feast” with Mrs. Meridith. Loki’s plan worked and Thor was able to burst out of his disguise and use his hammer to kill Thrym! In Mrs. Day’s writing group, you identified complete sentences vs. fragments. Remember, a complete sentence has a noun and a verb. A fragment is a group of words that is not a complete thought. For spelling practice, you completed a word search.

After rotations, we were able to take a practice state assessment. We will take a couple more practice tests to help you become more familiar with the format and tools before the actual tests. For a bonus ticket, comment below one tool that you can use to help you during a state assessment test.

We had another special Viking Quest today, where we met Thorvald, Leif's brother, and Erik the Red, Leif's father. Erik the Red was on his deathbed and about to enter Valhalla. He would be considered a jarl because he was a noble Viking warrior. However, Thorvald would be considered a karl because he was a worker Viking. We sure learned a lot more about Viking history and culture today. We harvested iron to make swords, ivory to make beautiful objects for trading, and fish so we have enough to eat on our journey to Iceland.

In our math lesson, we practiced generating equivalent fractions. You used colored pencils to divide a number line into fourths and eighths, then found each equivalent fraction. It was a lot of work, but necessary to help you understand equivalent fractions!

Have a great night, watch for weather updates. The weathermen are predicting a snow storm, so NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! See you Thursday if the weather cooperates.

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