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Jubilee Facts, Human Body Systems & Module 2 Review

Happy Tuesday 3rd Grade! We began our morning with a meeting and learned some new facts about our adopted calf, Jubilee! A few hours after birth, calves are usually moved to their own individual pen. This best practice is essential for the health of the calf for several reasons:

  • At birth, calves have very weak immune systems. It is extremely important to keep them in a clean, dry area away from harmful germs to prevent them from getting sick.

  • Calves weigh 50-100 pounds at birth, while their mothers weigh anywhere from 900-1,500 pounds. Individual housing prevents the calf from being stepped on my it’s mother or other cows.

  • The calf will live in an individual pen and be fed milk or milk replacer twice a day. Their pens provide ample room for the calves to move freely, protects them from the weather and provides 24/7 access to fresh grain and water. Calves are typically housed in individual pens for about 2-3 months to ensure a healthy start before being moved to a group pen with other calves their age.

We will learn even more about Jubilee soon!

In today’s read-aloud you learned about the different types of muscles in the human body. The muscular system is very important because it helps the body move and do other things that we can’t see, like the stomach and intestines digesting food and the heart pumping blood. It is the framework of the human body, together with the skeletal system. You also learned about voluntary and involuntary muscles. Voluntary muscles are those that can be controlled by someone’s own choice; involuntary muscles are those that are not controlled by choice. Give an example of each for a bonus ticket!

In our reading rotations, you completed a daily fix it sentence with Mrs. Day and reviewed action verbs. In Mrs. Meridith’s group, you read more about the muscular system in chapter 3 and reviewed vocabulary words. For today’s spelling practice, you went outside and wrote your spelling words with chalk!

After a few rounds of Reading Prime Time and/or Daily 5, we continued watching Because of WInn Dixie.

After lunch, we continued yesterday’s science lesson about the human body and its multiple interacting systems. Today we learned more about the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and muscular systems. Mrs. Day even modeled how the digestive system works to break down food. Remember, it takes ALL of your body systems working together to help living things survive.

For your math rotations, you completed menu activities or went to prime time. During your teacher lesson you reviewed Module 2 (we have a test tomorrow!). You had technology time on Reflex.

Have a great evening, we will see you all tomorrow!

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