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Jubilee, Animal Classification, and More Rounding!

Happy Wacky Wednesday 3rd graders! During our morning meeting we got to meet our adorable, adopted calf! We will watch her grow and learn fun cow facts all year! Who remembers how many gallons of milk a cow can produce a day? Comment below for a bonus ticket!

Name: Jubilee

Birthday: September 23, 2021

Gender: Heifer (Girl)

Breed of Dairy Cow: Holstein

Birth Weight: 70 Pounds

Birth Height: 32 inches

We are nearing the end of our Animal Classification Unit and today your knowledge was tested. You took the Unit 2 assessment and answered comprehension questions along with vocabulary questions. Your teachers were very impressed with how much you have learned in this unit!

After completing a spelling and punctuation check paper, you continued working on your animal research papers and slide presentations. We will start presentations tomorrow!

Miss Erica was here from Exploration Place for a fun science lesson! First you discussed the meaning of classifying. Next, you classified yourselves into groups according to your characteristics. To end the lesson, you classified your own dinosaur by creating a name, drawing the dinosaur and then creating it with playdoh.

After lunch, you continued your animal research and worked on your google slide presentation. Don’t forget to bring your habitat dioramas tomorrow if you haven’t already done so!

In today’s math lesson you worked on rounding numbers to the nearest hundred on the vertical number line. For a bonus ticket, round 1,761 to the nearest hundred! You also practiced fact fluency for your times test tomorrow or worked on your menu. You all had technology time on Dreambox.

Have a great evening, we will see you all tomorrow!

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