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Jamestown Part II, Picture Dictionary, Area & Perimeter

Happy Thursday! We have almost made it to the end of the week!

In today’s read-aloud you learned that John Smith took charge of Jamestown when it was failing. He made a rule that the colonists who didn’t work wouldn’t get any food until they changed their lazy habits. Smith also made sure that the colonists used their food and supplies sparingly and did not waste them.

During reading rotations you made a picture dictionary out of your spelling words, added the climax and character details to your narrative writing, and read chapter 5 in your little readers.

We finished the morning by taking the mathCAP and mathAUTO Fastbridge tests. Once again, your teachers were very pleased with how much your scores have improved from the beginning of the year until now!

After recess and lunch, we played Kahoot to review for your math test over area and perimeter.

When you returned from specials, it was time for math rotations. First, you either went to Prime Time or completed your menu activity. Next, you took your module 7 math test. Once you were finished with your test, you spent technology time on Reflex.

We ended the day by celebrating Alanah's birthday with cupcakes and a song. Happy birthday Alanah!

Make sure you get your rest tonight, we have a busy and fun day planned for tomorrow!

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