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It Felt Like the First Day of School!

Wow! What a terrific first day back with our ENTIRE class! It really did feel like we were starting a new school year because things were a little different. We got to have RECESS again, yay! We have breakfast and lunch in our classroom. We had TWO specials - library and music. And, we had a full day of learning rotations with our cohorts.

We started our morning with a greeting and a game called The Voice. We picked one classmate to go out into the hallway to be the "guesser". We picked another student to be "the voice." They had to disguise their voice and see if the guesser knew who it was! We also had lots of announcements about our schedule, the playground rules, and our rotations for the day. We passed out checklists and QR codes so we can stay organized and ready to learn each day. We also had a short, but awesome practice recess in the morning! It was a little chilly, but we were so happy to have time outside.

Our rotations with our cohorts went really well all day, and we think you guys enjoyed them, too! We had a math lesson about fractions on a number line with Mrs. Meridith, the little reader and a spelling test with Miss Gurley, read to self time, Dreambox on the computer, spelling/word work practice, and writing with Mrs. Day. We also had 2 rounds of Reading Prime Time and 1 round of Math Prime Time with some extra teachers, like Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Lira, and Miss Tina.

We got through our last rotation pretty quickly, but packing up took us a little too long, so unfortunately, we ran out of time to enjoy a long afternoon recess. We think we will get quicker with practice and hopefully can get more time outside in the future. Hope you all get some good rest and we will see you in the morning!

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