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Irresponsible Toad, Main Idea, and More Multiplying

Welcome to our Marvelous Monday in 3rd Grade! We hope you had a good weekend. We kicked off our day in 3rd Grade with our Morning Meeting and Wind in the Willows Read Aloud. Mr. Toad had just been sentenced to 20 years in prison, but we predicted that he wouldn't complete his entire sentence, and we were right! That pesky, irresponsible Toad got help from the jailer's daughter to disguise himself as a washerwoman and escape! Then, he hopped on a train that was being pursued by the police. At the last minute before being caught, he jumped off the train and the story ended. We can't wait to hear what happens tomorrow! Pursued was our vocabulary word for the day. Can you use pursued correctly in a sentence? Comment below for an extra ticket!

In our reading rotations, we finished reading about Aladdin and answering questions. We worked on writing a paragraph with Mrs. Day. We remembered to indent before adding our topic sentence, supporting details, and closing sentence. Mrs. Meridith's group learned about main idea and details. This will be something you work on all week!

We were excited to learn a new Daily 5 choice today - Work on Writing! We already completed 11 minutes of stamina at this new rotation. Students were excited to create stories, both real and fiction, for Work on Writing time.

In Social Studies, we started working on map skills. Our first lesson is called Me on the Map. We learned about where we are in relation to everything around us. First, we learned that we live on planet Earth with billions of other people! Our world is divided into 7 continents with 5 oceans. We live on the continent of North America. Tomorrow, we will keep zooming in on exactly where our place in the world is.

In math, we started our menu activities! Many of you had a productive first day and got lots accomplished. Don't forget that you have 5 days this week to complete all the activities in your folder. You should ALWAYS be doing your best work and working to make no mistakes. When you complete all the activities, Miss Gurley or Miss Malorie will check it. Your teachers gave you a lesson about taking a big array with a large, unknown fact and splitting it into two smaller arrays that you can add together. We also learned how to use our tens facts and subtract a smaller fact from it to find the large, unknown fact. Don't worry if it was tough today...we will keep working on this concept for a few days!

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