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International Space Station, Tournament of Books, and more RDW

Hello 3rd graders! Happy Tuesday! We began this rainy morning with a quick morning meeting where we greeted each other using our best pirate voices, shared where we would build a bird's nest, and read yesterday’s blog.

During reading rotations you read all about the International Space Station in your Little Readers, began another reading/writing choice board, worked on writing an informational paragraph about a day on the ISS, and practiced spelling.

For today’s tournament of books, How to Trick the Tooth Fairy, and Dragons Love Tacos faced off. After listening to both stories, you voted, and Dragons Love Tacos was victorious!

In today’s math lesson, you continued using the RDW strategy to solve 2-step word problems. For technology time you worked on Reflex. You also went to Math Prime Time or completed a menu activity.

For a bonus ticket, solve this word problem correctly:

Miss Gurley hung 2 pictures on her wall. Each picture measures 5 inches by 7 inches. What is the total area of the wall covered by the pictures?

It was a terrific Tuesday in 3rd grade. See you all tomorrow!

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