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International Space Station Tour, Tournament of Books & RDW

Welcome back to 3rd grade! We hope you all enjoyed your spring break, but it is great to be back at school. During our morning meeting we drew ticket winners from before break, picked a BINGO prize, and talked about our NEW behavior Mystery Award!

Next, it was time to begin our reading rotations. You got a new list of spelling words to sort and code, read Stargirl with Mrs. Meridith, and took a tour of the International Space Station with Mrs. Day. For a bonus ticket, comment something interesting you learned about an astronaut's day on the ISS.

We finished our morning with a couple rounds of Reading Prime Time, Daily 5, and a new CAFE menu.

During Science/Social Studies time we began our own, “Tournament of books” in honor of March Madness. The first two opponents were, The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors vs. The Couch Potato. After we finished both stories, you casted your vote for your favorite on google classroom. The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors was today's winner and will move on to the next bracket.

After specials, it was time for our math rotations. In today's lesson, we used the Read Draw Write process to solve word problems. Using the RDW strategy to solve math problems helps us to visualize and better understand the problem. Once we read the story problem, we drew a picture to show our thinking. We drew tape diagrams, number bonds, and other pictures to help solve the problems. We will continue using this strategy in future lessons!

It was a great day in 3rd grade! See you guys tomorrow!

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