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Internal & External Character Traits, Unit 8 Test, Jeopardy & Lots of Review

Happy Wacky Wednesday 3rd graders! We began our morning by finishing up some work on your totem pole art, practicing for your spelling test, and completing any missing work. Then, we celebrated Mazric’s birthday with yummy donuts and a song!

Next, we split into four groups to read chapter 8, The Hunting of the Great Bear: An Iroquois Tale. After you read the chapter, you discussed the character traits of brother number 4. Character traits can be external (outside) or internal (inside). External character traits are characteristics that you can see on the outside. Internal traits are characteristics on the inside that can be inferred through actions and dialogue. For a bonus ticket, comment below an internal and external character trait that best describes brother number 4.

Now that we have finished our Native American stories, it was time to take our unit 8 test. You used your little readers and Native AMerican booklets to help answer questions about the tribes. You also answered sequencing and cause and effect questions.

Our next order of business was to take your spelling test. Then, Miss Erica was here for your Exploration Place Science lesson.

After lunch and recess, we played Jeopardy to continue reviewing for your State Assessments.

When you returned from specials, you completed four math rotations. You reviewed measurement, fractions, area, and finished your packets from earlier in the week.

We were so busy this short week that we did not have enough time to finish all of our review packets so we sent a packet with you to complete at home. If you complete it and bring it back next week, your teachers have a prize for you!

Enjoy your nice long Easter break! Don’t forget when you get back to school it is go time for State Assessments! We believe in you!

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