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Indoor Snowball Fight, Toga Party, & Gingerbread Village

Hello super students! We hope you enjoyed our Festive, Fun, and BUSY Friday in our classroom. We started with an indoor snowball fight! It was boys against girls and the boys dominated!

Next, you visited the 5th grade Santa Store. When you returned to the classroom, it had been transformed into a Roman city. Everyone changed into their amazing togas and costumes. There was the stage area, where people could perform and entertain the crowds. There was the slave kitchen, where they were busy preparing the feast for the Senators, Patricians, and Plebeians. And last, there was the Roman marketplace, where the Plebeians sold special items for gold and silver coins. Unfortunately, the Plebeians kept getting taxed unfairly! No wonder why they started the Punic Wars!

After lunch and recess, you took your times test. Our next order of business was to begin laying out our gingerbread villages! You have learned that a lot more goes into designing a village than just building houses and businesses- we had to map out a main road, side streets, and neighborhoods before we could add any of the houses or businesses that you built. You also decided on a water source to add to the village as well as trees, parks, and a farm. We will finish putting our village together next week!!

In math, our lesson was all about AREA (again)! We are starting to get the hang of it - if we multiply the 2 side lengths together, we can find the area, or space inside the shape. We also know that square centimeters and square inches do NOT cover the same area because they are different sizes.

It was a great day in 3rd grade! Have a wonderful weekend!

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