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Ice Cream Day!

Happy Ice Cream Day! We are counting down to the end of the year with a fun theme every day. Today we celebrated all things ice cream. Here's a list of what we did in 3rd Grade:

  • Cleaned out our cubbies so we can send things home soon!

  • Listened to ice cream stories.

  • Read Ebenezer Bleezer's Ice Cream poem and learned about alliterations.

  • Made our own wacky ice cream alliteration flavors.

  • Graphed our class's favorite ice cream flavors on a bar graph and analyzed our data.

  • Learned how Call Hall makes their own dairy products at K-State.

  • Practiced for the talent show!

  • Played a 3rd Grade game of kickball in PE.

  • Walked to Braum's and got some free, delicious ice cream!

  • Rehearsed some of our reader's theater plays. Not everyone got a turn, but you will on Monday!

We are looking forward to the Talent Show on Monday. We can't wait to perform our act for the whole school. It's hard to believe that next week is the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Have a super weekend.

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