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Human Body Systems, Animal Presentations, & Standard Algorithm

Hello 3rd graders! We hope you had a nice 3 day weekend and are ready to tackle this 3 day week! We began our day with our Morning Meeting and a show and tell from Heaven. Next, we introduced you to our new reading unit, The Human Body: Systems and Senses.

During this unit, you will be learning about the 7 human body systems and how they work together to help the human body function. Before we began our read-aloud, we discussed what you already know about the human body by filling out the “know” part of our Human Body Systems KWL chart. Next, you listened and learned about the skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, excretory, circulatory and respiratory systems. For a bonus ticket, comment below which system pumps the heart and circulates the nutrients and oxygen in the blood all around the body through blood vessels.

In our reading rotations, you thought of questions to add to the “want to know” part of our Human Body System KWL chart with Mrs. Meridith. You also learned that your new project for this unit is to create a booth about a human body system or a healthy choice to educate our school for our very own 3rd grade Health Fair! You will learn more about this project soon! In Mrs. Day’s group you are taking a break from writing paragraphs. Today you completed a “Daily Fix-It” paper to practice proper spelling and punctuation. Then, you added common and proper nouns to your writing journals. You also met with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie to practice your new spelling pattern. For another bonus ticket, comment below how to change puppy to the plural form.

After a few rounds of Reading Prime Time/Daily 5, we continued reading Because of Winn Dixie. We only have one chapter left!

After lunch, we started our Animal Habitat Presentations! We will continue presenting the rest of the week.

In math, we started a new week of menu activities. During your lesson with your teachers, you used place value charts and the standard algorithm to add two and three digit measurements. You also completed lessons on Dreambox.

We ended the day by celebrating Miss Gurley’s birthday with yummy birthday treats and a song! We love you Miss Gurley!

Have a great evening, we will see you all tomorrow!

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