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How the Blog Works

Hey 3rd Grade students and adults!

Welcome to our first blog post! Each day, your teachers will write a short blog to review what we did in 3rd Grade. You can read the blog at home with an adult or by yourself. Then, you can go below the blog and leave a comment. Your comments can be about anything that has to do with the blog! You can tell us your favorite part of the day, something that you learned, or anything else about 3rd Grade. Make sure you leave your name with your comment so we know who wrote it! This is important because you can get paid $1 in classroom money for your comment! You can comment as many times as you want, but we won't pay you for every comment you make - only one per day. If your comment doesn't have anything to do with school or 3rd Grade, we won't pay you.

We will read the blog from the day before at school the following day and see who needs paid for their comments. Keep your comments positive, kind, and on topic for school! We can't wait to interact with you.

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