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Hometown Pride

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Happy Friday 3rd graders! We didn’t waste any time getting to work this morning because per usual we had lots to do!

After we took some time to review your spelling pattern for the week, you took your spelling test. You will have a brand new set of words and spelling pattern to learn next week!

We read the next chapter in your little readers, “Stolen Thunder.” Thor discovered that his hammer was missing. He suspected Loki took it, but it was Thrym who took it. Thyrm told Loki he would give the hammer back if Freya married him. The gods didn’t know how to get the hammer back.

After lunch and recess we took your weekly times test and moved seats. Some of you also finished up your famous Kansan pages. For a bonus ticket, comment below something you learned about one of the famous Kansans!

We did whole group math today. First, you either went to Math Prime Time or finished your math menu for the week. Next, we compared fractions and whole numbers on the number line. You ended math rotations by completing lessons on Dreambox or Reflex.

At the end of the day, we celebrated Sophie's birthday with cupcakes and a song. Happy birthday Sophie!

It’s been a great week in 3rd grade! Enjoy your weekend, see you on Monday!

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