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Hey, Hey, Thursday!

It was another fantastic day in 3rd grade! After we all politely greeted each other and went over morning announcements, we met for whole group reading to continue filling out our Fiction Chart. Today we filled out the story elements about "Loki and the Dwarves". It was still pretty cold out this morning, so we decided to play 4 corners in the classroom again instead.

During your rotations you met with Mrs. Meridith to continue working on the number line with equivalent fractions. In Miss Gurley's group you read Chapter 3, "Stolen Thunder" in your little readers and with Mrs. Day you reviewed our trip to Greenland and filled out your Viking Notebook. Who remembers why Vikings trade?

In today's Viking Quest, you met Freydis, Leif Eriksons's sister and explored Iceland. Freydis discussed how Vikings make big decisions and are governed. You also learned about epic poems and how Vikings passed on information. We collected more resources - wool, blubber, and fish. Our sail was torn up by a storm, good thing we had enough wool to weave a new one!

Today in library you all participated in this month's house challenge- your challenge was to build the longest possible paper chain with just one sheet of paper and tape. Congrats to our winners!

1st: Gratias - Aliviah

2nd: Quantum - Brantley M

3rd: Liberalis - Zoe

After music and library, we finished our afternoon rotations. You guys did a better job today with transitioning between each rotation, but you still didn't reach the goal of 10 tally marks. Remember, when the doorbell rings or the song plays, you need to quickly and quietly pick up your things and get back to your seats to get ready for the next rotation. Try again tomorrow - your teachers know you can do it!

Have a great night, we will see you tomorrow for a fun-filled Friday!

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