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Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope you had a very Happy Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend. We are so lucky to have Friday AND Monday off from school, and we will see what Mother Nature decides to do with the snow that is supposed to move in. Will it be longer than a 4 day weekend? We will see! If the weather DOES get bad enough to cancel in person school, we have sent home 3 snow day packets just in case. You only have to do 1 packet for each day that we miss. Please don't throw them away - that will count as your attendance & school work!

We had a super fun day in 3rd Grade. We had to take care of some business before the party, but you all were able to get your work done so we could enjoy the end of the day! We did everything whole group or with our cohorts because we knew we wouldn't have time for all our rotations today. We started with our times test, then did a graphing lesson with Mrs. Meridith. We learned that you can make a BAR graph by turning a tape diagram vertically. This will help us a lot on our next lesson about graphing!

Mrs. Day helped us add new information to our writing notebooks - we talked about linking verbs! If a subject is singular, we use is or was. If a subject is plural we use are or were. If the subject is the word "I" we use am after it! Then, we listened to today's read aloud about astronomy. We used this mnemonic device to help us remember the planets:

Many Very Energetic Mermaids Just Swam Under Neptune.

For an extra dollar, can you name all the planets in our solar system in the comments?

After a couple rounds of Reading Prime Time, we finally finished the BFG and will start our next chapter book on Tuesday. We also completed our Me on the Map activity, and used QR Codes and Google Earth to discover where different places are in the world. We sorted them by city, state, country, and continent. We ended our hard work by reading Chapter 2 in our little reader about the moon and answering some questions.

For our Valentine's Day party, we played the Valentine Word Game, where you thought of different words that started with L O V E for each category. We also played reverse charades with valentine words. Then, everyone enjoyed their valentines, treats, and candy, while we sang Happy Birthday to Brantley B!

Stay warm and safe over the weekend, enjoy your long break, and we will see you on Tuesday! (hopefully!)

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