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Happy New Year!

Welcome back to 3rd grade! We missed you over break! We began our day by talking about all sorts of NEW things for the the NEW YEAR.

First, we reviewed procedures in the classroom. You all did a fantastic job at creating posters listing the RIGHT and WRONG way to use our classroom supplies, pack up at the end of the day, line up for specials and more and more.

Next, we discussed how you are future 4th graders and your teachers expect you to act like it. This means you must be tidy, organized, and responsible students.

Since it is a new year, we did some goal setting by choosing a word to focus on an area of your life that you want to improve or grow. We will display these words on our classroom windows so we can make sure we continue to work on the goals all year long!

After lunch and recess, we listened to the story "Snowflake Bentley" and you designed your own snowflake. First, you sketched what you think a snowflake looks like, then you created a snowflake using toothpicks and marshmallows. For a bonus ticket, comment below what type of pattern all snowflakes have.

To end the day, we worked on an area review in math. You practiced finding missing side lengths and using the break apart and distribute strategy. We also started a new week of menu activities and had technology time on Reflex.

We hope you enjoyed your first day back! See you tomorrow!

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