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Happy New Year!

Welcome back to 3rd grade! We missed you over break! We began our day by talking about all sorts of NEW things for the the NEW YEAR. For starters, our classroom divider is gone and our classroom is opened up! We are getting prepared to share our space when all of 3rd grade returns for a full face to face schedule in a couple weeks.

Next, we reviewed procedures in the classroom. You all did a fantastic job at demonstrating the RIGHT and WRONG way to enter our classroom, eat in the classroom, use math menus and more.

Since it is a new year, we did some goal setting by choosing a word to focus on an area of your life that you want to improve or grow. We will display these words on our classroom bulletin board so we can make sure we continue to work on the goals!

To end the day, we worked on a New Year’s Math Countdown Challenge. You worked with groups to complete 10 math challenges, if you did not finish all the challenges today, you will have some more time to work on them tomorrow!

We hope you enjoyed your first day back! See you tomorrow!

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