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Happy Monday

HAPPY MONDAY 3rd graders! Welcome back from your nice and long 3 day weekend! After a quick morning meeting, you all got some free time to explore an International Space Station Tour and a 360 Virtual Space Tour on our website.

During today's rotations, you met with Mrs. Day to explore a day in the life on the ISS and plan a paragraph about an Astronaut's day. In Miss Gurley's group it was your last day to finish your planet mobile. If you were already finished with your mobile, you either worked on your planet report booklet or explored the Astronomy page on our website. For math with Mrs. Meridith you reviewed addition using the standard algorithm. Some of you finished the lesson early and got to play "Close Enough." For your read to self rotation, you read "Stargirl" and answered some comprehension questions.

Instead of having Prime Time this week, we are taking time to practice for your state assessments. Today's practice test was over math (perimeter and graphs). Tomorrow we will practice with a reading test. Remember, the reason we are taking the time to take these practice tests is so that you are familiar with the format of the tests and you know what to do when it is time for the real deal.

After lunch and recess we discussed something exciting happening this Wednesday....SPACE DAY! Our class is going on a mission to the moon! Each of you has a specific job to make our mission successful. Some of you will be on the moon and some of you will be working at NASA. We also celebrated Miss Aliviah's birthday with a birthday song and some yummy treats. Happy birthday Aliviah!

Some important things to remember for this week - The book fair is happening, so bring your money tomorrow or wait and shop with your parents at Parent Teacher Conferences if you want to buy something. Conferences are on Tuesday and Thursday this week! Also Spring pictures are this Wednesday.

At the end of the day, your teachers were a little grumpy because many students were not following our classroom expectations during our last rotation. Please, please, PLEASE show integrity and do what you are supposed to do. We know you are capable. If you can not act right, we will have to cancel Space Day and that would be a major bummer!

Have a great evening, we will see you all tomorrow!

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