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Happy Monday!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! We didn't waste any time getting right back to work today, in fact, we started our day with something new and exciting for our morning work...CURSIVE! The first letter we practiced was magic c and you all did great! We will have another letter to work on tomorrow.

After our cursive practice we met with Mystery Doug to discover why snow is white and each of you got to make your own Wax Paper Snowflake to take home. Who remembers why snow looks white? Comment below for an extra dollar!

We started a new module in math today all about area. We learned that the amount of flat space a shape takes up is called its area. We used pattern blocks to measure shapes and counted the square units. While using the pattern blocks, we noticed that as the pattern blocks get bigger, the number of blocks it takes to cover the same shape gets smaller.

We also started a new unit in reading all about the Ancient Roman Civilization. Don't forget to hop on over to the reading tab and take a tour of Rome! After reading Chapter 1 with Mrs. Meridith, we moved onto writing and practiced writing closing sentences of a paragraph with Mrs. Day.

Have a good night and don't forget to start collecting milk cartons and cardboards for your gingerbread houses!

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