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Happy Halloween!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

What a wild Friday! It was so great to see your awesome costumes when you arrived at school! After the costume parade and class pictures, we got back to class to take care of some business (and have some more fun!)

You took your weekly times test. Once that was finished, you were put into groups for an awesome challenge --- creating a life-size human body system!

Your teachers had a hilarious writing activity for you to complete - we needed help picking a Halloween costume and you gave us some great ideas. There was even a spot on the paper for you to draw a picture of us in our costumes.

Then, we got together with our houses for the Scarecrow Challenge. Congrats to Liberalis for winning 1st place!

Finally it was time for our Halloween party! Thanks to all the parent volunteers for the fun games and treats! It was awesome!

We hope you get lots of candy this weekend and have a safe and fun Halloween!

We do NOT have school Monday because of teacher inservice, so we will see you on TUESDAY.

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