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Happy Halloween!

What a wild week it was! We survived 2 snow days and our Halloween party today. It was so great to see your awesome costumes when you arrived at school. We took care of some business first thing - hiring new helpers for November, picking our flexible seating, and taking our times tests.

Then, both classes got together to do the first House Challenge! The task was to build the tallest marshmallow/toothpick candy tower. It was kind of difficult because the marshmallows weren't supporting our structures very well, but in the end, Jett was victorious and came away with the first place points for his House! Miller was in second place and Eli was in third. Nice job, boys!

Your teachers had a hilarious writing activity for you to complete - we needed help picking a Halloween costume and you gave us some great ideas. There was even a spot on the paper for you to draw a picture of us in our costumes.

We ended our Halloween festivities by watching one of your teachers' favorite Halloween movies: Halloweentown. We enjoyed some tasty Halloween treats and were able to relax until the end of school. We hope you get lots of candy this weekend and have a safe and fun Halloween!

We do NOT have school Monday (online or in person) because of teacher inservice, so we will see you on TUESDAY (which is Election Day!). Go Skittles or Hershey's!

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