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Happy Friday!

It was a fun, fabulous, fantastic Friday in 3rd Grade! I'm going to make a list of all the things we accomplished because we were so busy and it's late and Mrs. Day is ready to go home!

-Morning Meeting

-Our last Wind in the Willows Read Aloud

-Reading Rotations

-Finishing our opinion paragraphs

-Reading Prime Time and Daily 5 Time

-Recess and Lunch

-Our first REAL Times Test (way to go to 6 people for passing on the first week!)

-A compass walk outside


-Finishing our math menus

-A math lesson over tape diagrams with 4s facts

-Moving cohort seats

-Drawing 3 ticket winners

-An afternoon recess

WOW! Busy day for sure. Don't forget that we are walking to Donut Bay on Monday morning to wrap up our reading stories! Have a super weekend.

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