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Happy Friday!

It was another super busy day today in 3rd grade! We started our day off by finishing our life size body system projects. The groups that finished early got to watch the Magic School bus! The Body System posters are now displayed in the hallway and look awesome!

Today in math we practiced using the distributive property and the fact 9 = 10-1 as a strategy to multiply. We also took a times test and so many of you have moved on to the next number in the challenge. Woo hoo!

In reading we compared and contrasted The Skeletal System, the Muscular System, and the Nervous System with Mrs. Meridith, we practiced writing supporting details with Mrs. Day and we took a spelling test with Miss Gurley.

Continue working on your health fair projects at home. We can’t wait to learn about your topics!

Have a great weekend, we will see you Monday!

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