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Happy Election Day!

Hey super students! We hope you enjoyed your extra day off yesterday and came back to school ready for a fun Election Day in 3rd Grade! We've worked so hard to campaign for either Skittles or Hershey's. We listened to speeches from our candidate representatives and got to go through the voting process. We had to show our Voter Registration Cards at the door, then used the computers to cast our vote for the best candy. We can't wait to find out who the winner is tomorrow!

Skittles vs. Hershey's

Then, we started new lessons in writing, math, and reading. In writing, we started talking about writing a paragraph using a stoplight. A green sentence stood for the TOPIC SENTENCE - this is like an introduction to what our paragraph is about. The yellow sentences stood for the SUPPORTING DETAILS. Do you remember what the red sentence stood for? Type it below in the comments for an extra dollar!

In math, we did our 2 rotations: menu and lesson with our teacher. In today's lesson, we looked at a Multiplication Chart and learned some tricks to help us memorize all the facts. One of the biggest tricks was to divide our chart in half (we called in mirrorland) and color it black because we know those facts are TURN AROUND facts. We can use the Commutative Property to help us know the answer to facts that have the same factors.

In reading, we heard from Ricardo and Dr. Welbody about an introduction to 7 major body systems. Some of you remember this from 1st Grade! We can't wait to start this new reading unit and learn all about these body systems and how they are interconnected. We will also start a new project for Science next week! We will talk about it soon.

Have a great evening! See you tomorrow because we DO have school this Wednesday!

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