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Grinch Day!

Happy Tuesday! The title says it all - today’s special Christmas activity was “Grinch Day!” After we completed a math assignment, you were able to relax and enjoy the Grinch movie!

Not only did we watch the movie, but we also had a life-size Grinch poster in our classroom. Your job today was to help the Grinch’s heart grow by completing acts of kindness and recording them on hearts to put on the Grinch. Let’s continue this for the rest of the week!

After lunch, we spent lots of time finishing up our gingerbread community. We have a few final touches to make the rest of this week, but it is looking pretty darn good! We also decided on a name - Gingerville.

For today’s math lesson, you used the break apart and distribute strategy to find the total area of a large rectangle by adding the areas of two smaller rectangles.

Have a nice night, we will see you tomorrow for another fun filled day!

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