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Gratitude Assembly, Module 3 Math Test, & Goods/Services

Welcome to our very busy Wednesday in 3rd grade! First thing this morning, we met in the all purpose room for a school Gratitude Assembly. After the assembly, we headed back to the classroom for morning meeting.

Today is the first day of December, which means Christmas EVERYTHING! Mrs. Meridith and Mrs. Day LOVE Christmas, and we will definitely do some celebrating each day with a special Christmas activity. We started a Christmas countdown and will have a fun activity to do each day before Christmas break arrives. Our first activity was decking the halls (aka our classroom) with snowflakes!

We completed our reading lessons as a whole group today. First, we read about Julius Caesar, an important Roman fighter and writer. Next we finished our Roman God and Goddesses family tree. You decided which god or goddess you think deserves a statue in Rome for your opinion paper. After that, you practiced your spelling words.

Miss Emily from Exploration Place was here for another fun science lesson about biomes and climates. Who can name all 6 of the biomes of the world? List them in the comment section for a ticket!

In science, we finished our lesson about climates of the world with Mystery Doug. You pieced your climate map together with 2 other people and we were able to identify some climate patterns. Comment below something you learned about different climate zones for a bonus ticket!

In math, you took your module 3 test. We will start a new module tomorrow!

At the end of the day, we introduced our new project for the month…. A gingerbread community! Together as a class, we will construct gingerbread houses and businesses. But first, we needed to talk about goods and services and what communities need for people to live there. We also sent a note home so your parents can know about the parts of the project that will need to be completed at home!

It was a very busy day in 3rd grade. See you tomorrow for another fun-filled day!

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