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Gas Traps, 9s Tricks, and More Body Learning!

We started something NEW in science today - we are learning all about weather! Mystery Doug taught us about evaporation and how clouds are formed. We did our own cloud experiment by adding hot water to a container and trapping it inside. We were able to watch the water try to evaporate, but the gas couldn't escape because of the lid! We will continue with more weather activities the rest of this week.

Next, it was time for math. We worked on different 9s strategies, such as 9=10-1, the break apart and distribute strategy with cubes, skip-counting, and the finger trick. Today we added the list trick and using the sums of the digits!

So, for example, 9 x 6.

One less than 6 is 5.

5 + __ = 9

What would the answer be?

We also started a new menu today! Unfortunately, we had to fine a few kids for not finishing last week. Hopefully we don't have to fine anybody this week!

In reading, we read Chapter 7 in our readers with Mrs. Meridith, worked on supporting details with Mrs. Day, and got new spelling words with Miss Gurley. Before we knew it, the day was over and it was time to go home!

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