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Galaxies & Stars, Magnetic Locks, & Scaled Bar Graphs

Brrrrr! I don’t know about you guys, but I am getting tired of this cold weather! Good thing Spring is just around the corner.

There was no whole-group read aloud today, but we still completed our three reading rotations. You finished comparing and contrasting the inner and outer planets with Mrs. Day, read about Galaxies and Stars with Mrs. Meridith, and practiced for your spelling test with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie. (For a bonus ticket, comment below what galaxy our solar system is in!)

After reading rotations, it was time for a couple rounds of Reading Prime Time and CAFE activities.

You had another indoor recess and lunch, then it was time for our Mystery Science lesson. You applied your knowledge about magnets to create a useful product: a magnetic lock that can open a paper door. We will continue working on these locks tomorrow.

After specials, you returned to the classroom for our math rotations. You finished up yesterday’s lesson about scaled bar graphs with your teachers, spent tech time on Reflex, and completed a menu activity or went to Math Prime Time.

It was another successful day in 3rd grade. See you guys tomorrow!

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