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Fun-Filled Friday!

Happy Friday chicken nuggets! This Friday was extra busy because we had lots to do! We began our morning by doing deposits with our treasurers. If you had a classroom job this month, you got paid for that as well. After deposits were finished, it was time to hire our new classroom helpers and have a classroom election to select our Mayor for February. Congratulations to our new Mayor, Miller!

Next on the agenda was your weekly times test. We had several students pass the number they were on and we had another student complete the multiplication challenge! (Way to go Blayr!)

Once you finished your times tests, it was finally time to start your morning rotations. Today in math you reviewed equivalent fractions by using number bonds and number lines with Mrs. Meridith. With Miss Gurley you read Chapter 4 "A Plan is Made," in your little readers and answered some comprehension questions. Who remembers what the plan is for getting back Thor's hammer? In Mrs. Day's group you continued working on your Viking Notebook by filling out information you learned on our journey to Iceland.

After recess and lunch, we opened the class store. Each cohort took turns shopping. When your group wasn't shopping at the store, you cleaned out your book boxes and/or watched Netflix. Several of you bought from our class catalog and chose fun passes like - shoes off pass, gum pass, tunes pass and more!

Once the class store was closed, it was time for specials. Today in library you had a special STEAM project to complete - creating a Viking Longship! After specials we completed our afternoon rotations. We also took time to fill out our Fiction Chart with the characters, setting, and plot of Chapter 3, "Stolen Thunder."

At the end of the day, you helped us get ready to move your cohorts to new seats.

Have a great weekend 3rd graders! See you in February :)

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