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Friday, March 26

Happy Friday 3rd graders! We started our day off with a very busy morning - You did lunch count, deposits with our treasurer, voted on the best books for the book tournament, and turned in Color Run donations - phew!

After morning meeting, we completed today's read-aloud. In today's reading you heard about the ANcestral Pueblo, the Mogollan, and the Hohokam tribes. THey lived in the Four Corners area of the Southwest region. Like the Mound Builders, the Ancestral Pueblo began to change the way they lived. They began to farm crops such as corn and squash. Because they farmed, they stayed in one area for at least part of the year and needed more permanent homes. Their daily lives helped create a regional culture.

For today's rotations, you completed your Grammar Police notebook in writing with Mrs. Day and took your weekly spelling test. The frequently misspelled words you focused on today were: Too/to/two Their/They're/There Where/we're/were.

In Miss Gurley's group you took your times test and read Chapter 3, Almeda, The Basket Weaver. The Pueblo became known for their basket weaving. It was important for Almeda to learn this skill. Their baskets were extraordinary, beautifully designed and intricately woven. They were coated with mud and baked in the sun. The baskets were also needed to store food.

For Math with Mrs. Meridith, you continued comparing and classifying polygons according to their attributes. We specifically looked at quadrilaterals. The attributes we used to classify were how many sets of parallel sides the shape had, the number of right angles, and the number of equal sides.

During story time, we listened to the final two books in the tournament - The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors and The Book With No Pictures. You voted and the winner was.... The Book With No Pictures. Woo hoo!

For science, you learned that a flower needs pollen on its sticky stigma in order for its seeds to develop. You also learned that the pollen a plant needs on its stigma can't come from its own pollen dusters. Or, in other words, a flower can't pollinate itself. It needs pollen from a different flower to create seeds. Bees often do this pollination for flowers.

We celebrated two birthdays today with yummy treats. Happy Birthday to Brett and Gemma!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Monday!

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