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Friday Jr.

Happy Thursday! We have almost completed our first week back with our whole class! It seems like you all are getting the hang of our new schedule.

You successfully completed ALL of your rotations again today! With Miss Gurley, you compared and contrasted Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison using a Hula Hoop Venn Diagram. In Mrs. Day's group, you identified subjects and predicates in sentences. The subject tells who or what a sentence is about and the predicate tells what the subject is or does.

We continued working on fractions on the number line with Mrs. Meridith. Today was a little more tricky because you had to place whole number fractions AND fractions between whole numbers on the number line. If this was confusing to you, don't worry! We will continue working with fractions on the number line tomorrow.

In science, we learned from Mystery Doug about friction. Now we know that friction is the force that slows us down on a slide. In tomorrow's lesson, you will get to work with your cohorts to test different materials and see which have the most friction and which materials have the least friction by making your own model of a slide!

Our class got to have an extra recess in the morning, but unfortunately you weren't able to get recess in at the end of the day. You need a little more practice getting cleaned up faster, not leaving your belongings all over the place, and taking very good care of our classroom. Your teachers know you can do it because you are future 4th graders! Let's try to do better tomorrow.

Don't forget to practice for your times test and spelling test! See you all tomorrow :)

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