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Hey 3rd graders! Happy FRI-YAY! During morning meeting we learned a little more about dairy and where milk comes from. Hopefully we hear more from Jubilee next week!

In today’s read-aloud, you learned how your ears work together with your brain to help you hear. Sound waves enter the outer ear and travel down the ear canal to the eardrum to make it vibrate. The tiny bones in the middle ear vibrate, causing the tiny hairs in the cochlea to vibrate. The nerves attached to these hairs send messages to the brain.

During our reading rotations you continued working on your health fair project in Mrs. Day’s group (5 more school days until the Health Fair!). In Mrs. Meridith’s group, you read more about ears and hearing in your little readers. (For a bonus ticket, comment below what the name of the smallest bone in the body is!). You also wrote your spelling words with bubble letters.

After a few rounds of Reading Prime Time and/or Daily 5, we continued reading The BFG.

Next, it was time for another social studies lesson. During today’s lesson we compared and contrasted transportation from the past to present day. For example, in the past people rode on horses for transportation. Today, most people drive cars.

For our math lesson, you counted by units of 6 to multiply and divide using number bonds to decompose. Don’t forget to listen to the multiplication songs on our website to help you learn your multiplication facts!

All in all it was a Fabulous Friday! Have a great weekend 3rd graders, see you on Monday!

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